Kids PC Time Administrator version, March 03, 2014

Limit PC Time for Kids

Setting the time limit for your kids to use the PC is also important to maintain their studies, health, etc. Kids PC Time Administrator is the software that would assist you in doing so. It would set the limits for each of your child and also you could easily share the same computer with them. Download it and forget the worries right from the installation. The program opens with a colorful screen with different options. The option for the users, time table, other options are shown on the left side of the screen. You can set the control and restrict the time of the user for using the computer. You can easily manage the user groups and change the settings accordingly. Even you can tune the time table for the kids with time set for the usage. You can set the weekly restriction and control period also. You can also set the time period while the restriction will work as the same. There are other different program options also. One of the best features is that the program provides the facility to have a locking password so that nobody can have the access to the settings. The security options are beneficial as no one would be able to change the settings or increase the time limit. Another plus point is that it also prevents new software installation, restricts the control panel access and also disables the Task Manager. You have all the option on the screen as well as on the tool bar and the menu bar. It also keeps a log file that contains a record of the usage by each child.

Stop Software Installation Tool version, March 03, 2014

Prevent Users from Installing Programs

While using internet, it is always expected that you can easily face certain popup windows and ads that are forcibly asking you to install certain software to load the program. Such type of programs and windows are actually malicious threats to your computer data and system. Some of them are viruses, malwares, spywares and Trojan horses. These programs may seem a little bit new to you but they are very dangerous and prevailing in this cyber world from past couple of years.
So, the issue is how to prevent the installation of these programs? Well, PC Home Software helps users to prevent the installation of unwanted programs on your PC or laptop.

Parental Control Tool version, March 7, 2011

Restrict Access to Windows

Parental Control Tool is a powerful security utility that allows you to restrict access to Windows important resources and internet. This easy-to-use utility helps you to keep your computer in order. It enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy. You can deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, DOS programs, Registry editing and network access. Limit PC Time access. Also it has got bult-in Internet Explorer browser restrictions ...

Internet Security Filter version, March 7, 2011

Control which programs can have internet access and stop unwanted content

Internet Security Filter is your personal internet filtering utility. It controls all the data being transmitted and received through any internet application - such as web browers, chat programs, email clients, news readers, etc. in real-time. You can define three security levels: alow all, alow all except blacklist, block all except blacklist. It uses the fast and unique internet data analyses algorithm.

Explorer Private Folder version, March 7, 2011

Hide files from kids, friends and co-workers

Explorer Private Folder can help you keep your files protected from kids, friends and co-workers. It allows you to add any folders to the virtual invisible private folder. It enables you to block and hide any file or folder you do not want to be accessible to others. There are two user modes: only single user may have got the invisible private folder (the administrator) OR each user can lock and manage his own invisible private folder. Only the administrator (with his password) can change user modes and settings and uninstall the utility.

Kids PC Time Administrator

This utility lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used by kids.

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