version, March 03, 2014

Kids PC Time Administrator

Setting the time limit for your kids to use the PC is also important to maintain their studies, health, etc. Kids PC Time Administrator is the software that would assist you in doing so. It would set the limits for each of your child and also you could easily share the same computer with them. Download it and forget the worries right from the installation. The program opens with a colorful screen with different options. The option for the users, time table, other options are shown on the left side of the screen. You can set the control and restrict the time of the user for using the computer. You can easily manage the user groups and change the settings accordingly. Even you can tune the time table for the kids with time set for the usage. You can set the weekly restriction and control period also. You can also set the time period while the restriction will work as the same. There are other different program options also. One of the best features is that the program provides the facility to have a locking password so that nobody can have the access to the settings. The security options are beneficial as no one would be able to change the settings or increase the time limit. Another plus point is that it also prevents new software installation, restricts the control panel access and also disables the Task Manager. You have all the option on the screen as well as on the tool bar and the menu bar. It also keeps a log file that contains a record of the usage by each child.

User's review 1:

Do you know that computers can be a real pain for your kids ? Sitting for a long time in positions that aren't natural for their body can strain their hands, wrists, back, and eyes. If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games this type of software will offer a solution. It allows you to set limits on how much time your child spends on the computer or online. You can share the same computer among your children by setting an individual time table for each child. Also you can prevent the PC usage until the specified date, after the specified date or between specified dates. Kids PC Time Administrator records all actions to a log file so you will know when and how much your child used the PC. The password control prevents unauthorized users to change settings and uninstall the product. Another security features: it prevents new software installation, disables the Task Manager, access to Control Panel applets.

User's review 2:

Kids PC Time Administrator is a software tool for parental control. It was designed to help parents restrict the time their children spend on the PC. It provides a multi user interface so that each user can have its specific settings. The program lets parents specify how long the computer can be used and to define users that can use the computer without any limitations. It can be used to schedule time intervals and the number of hours a child uses the computer each day of the week. The program can also prevent the use of the PC until a specified date, after a specified date or between specified dates. All the actions of a user can be recorded to a log file so that the parent will know exactly what the child did. The program's settings cannot be changed and the software itself cannot be uninstalled without the master password.

Antti Jarvelainen's review:

I work at home-like institute for youngsters. We are like big family and there is always argue about computer turns and how long are turns. We tried to manage with windows own user account limitters, and those helped a little. Then we decided to try some kind of program to give us more tools to limit computer usage. Kids PC Time Administrator gives us tools to schedule how much time kids use computer and create different plans for weekends. It's also useful to prevent usage of task manager and installing new software. We have many workers that may need to adjust the settings so its very good this program is easy to use and interface is simple. It made our weekdays less stressing.

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